Atelier Mondsee



A centuries old technique is protecting our most modern technology like mobile phones, notebooks – pretty bohemian! Customized = 2 measures (high/across), (iPhone5 = 13.3 x 26.3cm or 5 15/64 x 10 23/64 inch), chose type (e.g. cattle, cupcake..). Please order in cm. If necessary use measure converter from the internet.
Felted “sleeping bags” protect very well from cold, heat, moisture, beats and scratches. What do you think? Does your camera, navi, iPad, glasses.. likes to life in a „Mondsee“-cover?


Sparkling Crystals are „Swarovskis“. Ring sizes about 59/60. Inside measure 20 millimeter or 0 25/32inch. 
Smaller/larger sizes are available (also for the size of the flowers).
A flower greeting on ones hand for ladies that love nature!

Flower tendrils

The attractive flower models are being worn and/or decorated. In holiday homes, dark corners guest rooms.. Advantage: they never wither!! 1, 3, 5… flower tendrils – whatever you wish! A very special adornament for bride's!!

My craft material enfolds more than 100 colors of finest merino wool, about 40 silky- and 5 cashmere color tones