Atelier Mondsee

Susan Kuske

Real estates and Mondsee are my two professional passions = roots and wings!

2003 while establishing "Atelier Mondsee" (craft studio named "moon lake"), allowed me to fulfil my lifelong, joyful process of generating, planning and implementing creative ideas, with various materials. For purchasing the basic materials, my major concerns are, quality and speciality. That means also for this process, a lot of time for research and maintaining these contacts. So, very often the basic prices are high. That’s ok for me! By the end of the day, me and my customers consume rather less but therefore have a cozy and rare item.

I usually get inspired by images of possible new products, when I touch “the right materials”, but I also take of ideas by nature, ethnic races and our Swiss roots. It’s such a pleasure to combine colors, rather old fashioned with today’s, to create a new, contemporary story.  These are the days when I lose any sense of time! I don’t care if a Mondsee product is a piece of art or "hip". It’s its own style. Not for the reason necessarily to be odd, but to have favorite pieces around ourself that makes us feel so well.
As Frankie told us: I did it my way!